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Congratulations to Dynamic Martial Arts Graduates!

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Congratulations to all of our Dynamic Martial Arts graduates!

This cycle’s testing and graduation were smoother than ever. By scheduling ahead for rank exams and graduations, everyone was able to get in complete testing and receive more personal recognition in the graduation ceremonies.

Congratulations to everyone that received a rank promotion and to everyone that received character medals and trophies!  Even through the masks, we could still see the smiling faces as students received their new ranks and awards. We appreciate every one of you! Thank you!

Thank you and Congratulations to all the family members that support their budoka’s Jiu-jitsu journey. Like I said during the graduations, “No student succeeds without the help and support of their family, instructors, and teammates. It takes a village to raise a black belt.”

In the dojo we teach that where others see obstacles, we see opportunity! Every curriculum cycle presents new opportunities for growth in our Jiu-jitsu as well as our personal growth. The last 3 cycles have presented us with unique circumstances and challenges. By using creative and critical thinking strategies, our students have not only persevered, but have continued to thrive.

Our students have a more in depth understanding of movement and developed the motor skills to be proficient in Jiu-jitsu and Judo.  With this foundational knowledge, the execution of the techniques on a partner or opponent will be much more efficient.

The instructors at Dynamic Martial Arts, including myself, are always seeking improvement within our own technical skills, but more importantly, improvement in our teaching skills to help our students be better than yesterday.

Our staff has had to learn, modify, and create new methods and systems to make sure our students are getting the absolute best instruction possible. We are always doing our best to make sure you are becoming your best.

Brian, Olga, Malcolm, Vera, and I were present and honored to witness the historical event of Master Carlos Machado receiving his red and white coral belt in Texas on October 10th.

At the dojo this week, at the end of each graduating ceremony, I shared the YouTube video of his rank awarding. I really wanted to emphasize the level of gratitude Master Machado displayed for this lifetime achievement, recognizing that it took many people to help him accomplish such a goal and that we do not travel this path alone. In addition to the YouTube video, a personal message from Master Machado to our dojo graduates was shared at the end of each graduation. I will attach that video and YouTube link to this message. I want to thank Master Machado for being the epitome of quality leadership and for leading by example.

Congratulations and Thank You to Senpai Brian, Senpai Jessie, Senpai Tiffany, and Senpai Malcolm for doing such an outstanding job adapting and communicating the technical skills and character to the students at Dynamic Martial Arts. You are helping shape the leaders of tomorrow.

A big Thank You to Senpai Olga and Brianna for making certain that all our systems are accurate and running smoothly. The daily tasks that you deal with behind the scenes are all too often unrecognized and underappreciated. I know how hard you work and that you take on much burden to help the jobs of the instructors run efficiently and effectively.


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