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What People are Saying About Dynamic Martial Arts  "I took the Women’s Self Defense Class and it was amazing! I wasn’t sure if what I learned and practiced with my friend, who was the same size as me, would work in the “real world”, so I practiced on my poor husband when I got home. I am 5’5 and weigh around 130, he is 5’11 and weighs about 260. Imagine the look on his face when I was able to flip him onto his back and pin him down! Even after only one class I already feel more confident in my ability to defend myself from an attacker." --Shawna H.--
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 "Dynamic is a family, a community! They are awesome and always have the best interest of the students and family members. My son loves it so much!" --Bobbi H.--  "My son has learned so much in the short time since he has started. Everything from Martial arts to crucial life skills. I am fully impressed with all the teachers and I'm grateful for the opportunity to let him go here. Thank each of you putting your dedication and skills to better our children's future! :)" --Jessica M.--  "They work really well with even the most rambunctious kids. Respectful to the kids and parents, individualized attentions, great activities outside training... There are so many good things to say! We have been there over 3 years and love it." --Stephanie A.--  "My son has learned so much and absolutely loves going to Jiu-Jitsu. He would go almost every day if he could." --Betty O.--  "Great environment. They work with each person on their level. Never pushy. Very respectful atmosphere." --Teresa C.-- "I learned so much at Self Defense class this weekend. We left with new tools that are usable now and learned techniques that with practice could become second nature if needed! All of the instructors were very kind and helpful. Met a great gal there and we partnered up. I look forward to another class and pursuing this in the future. Olga and Larry Keith are the best! They even had the little students hand each lady a long stemmed rose for Mother's Day at the end of the class." --Pamela S.--