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"It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday"

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My daughter has been going to the Dojo for over 2 years and we absolutely love it. They have taught her martial arts skills but more importantly she has gained confidence, respect and teaching skills! Wonderful teachers make this place incredible!


--Beth Schultz--


in the first month my daughter attended she went from barely reading to reading for hours a day. she has grown (mentally and emotionally) so much in such a short time. I cant recommend dynamic enough.


--Amanda Rose--

Dynamic Martial Arts is by far, the most incredible and welcoming place for all ages to go and learn/brush up on their Jiu-jitsu, as well as themselves.

There is no where else around that provides it all... from Welcoming atmosphere, to amazingly well versed and capable teachers.

I trust these people with every part of me and they quickly will feel like your family too.

Dynamic Martial Arts is the best of the best and they have all of our love, loyalty, gratitude and respect.


--Seeairuh Hadachek--


Very caring instructors in a great family environment. I know first hand they are dedicated to giving their students the best instruction and the best care. Your family will love training here!


--Amanda Olson--

High Quality, safe environment to grow as a person. The confidence, self discipline, and self respect you take from this Dojo will last you your lifetime. Larry and Olga are incredible instructors and mentors. I highly recommend Dynamic Martial Arts.


--Randy Paul--

Great program! The best in both physical training and character development!


--Jeff W. Smith--



Dynamic Martial Arts is place where young and old alike are welcomed to train. The owners, Larry and Olga Keith, are consummate professionals with a passion for martial arts that infects the dojo with a positive atmosphere I can't find anywhere else. If you want to train with people that actually care about you and your chosen art, look no further than Dynamic Martial Arts.


--Kris Taylor--


I have been a loyal member of this Dojo since 2003, starting when I was just twelve years old. Prior to this, I did not have a healthy environment to grow up in. Larry and Olga Keith were an amazing influence on me, becoming like parents to me and helping me see the world in a more positive light. I sometimes wonder how much of my evolution as a person  came from personal choice, and how much came from the example they set for me.


There were times where I was unable to attend, for various reasons (such as work schedule conflicts), but I always came back. For a time, I considered leaving the area to pursue opportunities that came available elsewhere. In the end, I could never leave because this Dojo was here, and the people in it were my family.


I had also seen all that Larry and Olga Keith had done for the community and so many individuals, how they were committed to making this community a better place rather than seeking opportunities in another city (where they would have made significantly more money), and I too chose to instead seek to better my community rather than run seeking a place where the grass may be greener. It is because of this that I chose to become a business owner, to seek to help my community not just by offering a service, but by offering a job where employees would be respected and valued, where true leadership existed, and by earning money that could then be re-invested into the community to help it grow and one day thrive, just as I had seen them do for so many years.


Becoming a member here is not becoming a customer, it is becoming a family member and investing in your own personal growth and future. If you are committed to becoming the best you that you can be, this is the only place to be, the place where you will discover your true potential, both as a martial artist and as a human being.


--Wesley Murphy--


I love being a part of Dynamic Martial Arts. Not having much family here, we have our dojo family. Being a part of Dynamic has enriched the lives of my family immensely, for my son he has an outlet to express and harness his internal fire and make friends who are also improving themselves, for my littlest one to be able be surrounded with positive role models and good examples of people excites and motivates him for when it is his time. And for me going to the dojo has been the greatest thing for me since my children, something I never thought I'd ever be able to do again in life is now reality, I absolutely love it here. Sensei Larry and Sensei Olga are such great and exceptional people who operate a fine and dignified dojo, and everyone we have the opportunity to be around here is a blessing and wonderful to be around others of high character pushing to improve and help others improve on our paths.!!


--Justin Cahoon--


Dynamic Martial Arts is a wonderful place for kids and adults to gain respect for themselves and others! In addition, they learn the unconditional support from their peers and mentors (Sempais & Sensei). The curriculum teaches you how to defend yourself against bullying without hurting yourself or the aggressor! See for yourself and ask for a two day trial for yourself or your child, what do you have to loose?


--Scott Bolen--

The epitome of excellence!!! An amazing martial arts school designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced students of all backgrounds. Training with Sensei Keith has been a tremendous learning experience for me, inside and outside of the mat.


--Patrick Leiser--


What a great place for kids (And Adults!) to learn respect, self esteem, self defense, and discipline! I have taken my niece to a couple of the workshops and camps that Dynamic MMA has offered and she always comes out with a great learning experience! Everyone there is so positive and encouraging and make you feel right at home immediately! WE LOVE DYNAMIC MARTIAL ARTS! ♥


--Heather Hendrix--


My son has learned so much and absolutely loves going to Jiu-Jitsu. He would go almost every day if he could.


--BettyAnn Osborne--

Such a great place for a variety of ages to learn new skills and make new friends! I highly recommend you come check things out! You won't be sorry!


--Cara Kobernik--


Dynamic Martial Arts is such an asset in this community. The facility is a well run and excellent dojo that strives to create a sense of growth, development, athletic as well as mental, social strength to a variety of age groups. I am so pleased to have my child enrolled here! The Keith's and the trained Senseis are dedicated to providing nothing but the best training for each student with loving care and direction.


--Ann Jewell--


Larry and Olga are the most amazing compassionate people you could hope to meet. They are really invested in our community. You could not ask for a better teacher and group to work with than what you will find here.


--Donna Estrada--

Great environment for kids to learn discipline and respect while learning and having fun. The teachers are amazing! So glad we found this for our son. Thank you!


--Vanessa Johnson--

I learned so much at Self Defense class this weekend. We left with new tools that are usable now and learned techniques that with practice could become second nature if needed!


All of the instructors were very kind and helpful. Met a great gal there and we partnered up. I look forward to another class and pursuing this in the future.


Olga and Larry Keith are the best! They even had the little students hand each lady a long stemmed rose for Mother's Day at the end of the class.


--Pamela Semas--

I attended the Womens Self Defense course tonight with my 10 year old daughter... I was anxious to attend due to major anxiety. Olga was so caring, I had called this morning half way wanting to hear that tons of women were attending to give me an excuse to not attend, She kept me on the phone and talk to me about my worries... she took the time... 1 simple phone call. We then arrive at 4pm and sure enough she is just as sweet in person. I needed to do this for myself and my daughter. I learned so much!! By the time we left we felt stronger and more confident with life skills we can use to really defend ourselves . I achieved the class and conquered my fears. My daughter felt amazing she hasn't stopped talking about it and when the next time she can go again. THANK YOU ALL!


--Brenda Dean--


It’s a wonderful place! Everyone is amazing, kind and welcoming! We love it here!!!


--Tressa Taylor--

Dynamic has been such a blessing to our family. My boys have gained confidence, leadership and life skills that are irreplaceable!


--Krystle King


Real World Training with Elite Instruction in an World Class Organizations,.. 5 Star!!


--Aaron Lawrence--


The best BJJ instruction for Kids and Adults.


--Elvis Sinosic--

Great friends of the community! One of the best locally owned and independently operated businesses and Douglas;County :-)


--Chris McCullough--

Dynamic Martial Arts is a great family friendly martial arts academy. If you are looking for a place to train, this is the place to be.


--JD Olson--


I took the Women’s Self Defense Class and it was amazing! I wasn’t sure if what I learned and practiced with my friend, who was the same size as me, would work in the “real world”, so I practiced on my poor husband when I got home. I am 5’5 and weigh around 130, he is 5’11 and weighs about 260. Imagine the look on his face when I was able to flip him onto his back and pin him down! Even after only one class I already feel more confident in my ability to defend myself from an attacker.


--Shawna Hopkins--


Having been exposed to some very talented artists over the last 20 years I can say with out a doubt that Sensei Keith is the best instructor and Dynamic Martial Arts is the best school it has been my privilege to be a part of. Sensei Keith has great patience, superb skills and maybe most importantly Heart Felt Passion about his art, his school, and his students. Other than spending time with his children and wife, there is no other place Sensei Keith would rather be than at the Dojo getting down and dirty with ANY of his students. There is no other place I would rather train at to be the best well rounded Martial Artist I can possibly be. From striking to grappling, from knockout to tap out, there are none better in southern Oregon than Sensei Larry Keith.


-- Jason Elliott --

1223 NE Cedar Street

Roseburg, OR 97470